KORKOR TETRA – world-leading digital trunked mobile radio technology.

Developed for, and used by governments, emergency services and militaries around the world, TETRA offers the very best in security, reliability and durability.

A fully integrated, operation-critical and future proof digital two-way radio solution for businesses who expect the best. KorKor delivers superior quality, world-class features and usability, reliability and unbeatable service.

KorKor offers one-to-one private calls, group calls, and full duplex telephone calling with improved digital audio quality. Add to this, short data messaging between radios or to and from a PC along with GPS tracking and you have an exceptional communications service built for today and tomorrow’s business world.



  • Digital clear voice all the way to the edge of coverage.
  • Group calls – communicate quickly with the right people simultaneously.
  • One-to-one calls – dial the radio ID and use the PTT for half-duplex or the send key for full duplex (telephone) mode for private conversations.
  • Network security – digital signal almost impossible to scan and decode; PIN and PUK protection, over-the-air enabling and disabling also available.
  • Emergency button – a single-push emergency button initiates an emergency call to pre-defined users. For added safety, the emergency button opens up the radio mic to ensure anyone in danger can communicate even if they can’t reach the PTT.
  • Short Data Service – cellular-like predictive text massaging from radio to radio, radio to PC, or PC to radio.
  • GPS Tracking – radios with built-in GPS can be tracked on a web-based GPS solution that can improve business performance and enhance safety for staff members.
  • Transmit Inhibit – allows users to switch off transmission before entering an RF-sensitive area

Coverage Maps

We’ve got coverage in Auckland, Hamilton, Bay of Plenty, Wellington and Christchurch.

korkor map

Click here to view the KorKor Coverage Maps

KorKor Equipment

KorKor handheld and vehicle radios are robust and feature-rich. Talk to your TeamTalk representative to find out which one is right for you.


KorKorCombo is now available on TeamTalk's Tetra digital radio network, combining an operation-critical two-way radio solution with flexible and reliable Motorola radios.


EasyPlan finance is an equipment rental package offering you hassle-free access to setting up your mobile radio service. Talk to your TeamTalk representative to find out if EasyPlan is suitable for you.

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