Bells making the most of new Farmside connection

Customer News | 22.03.16


Masterton residents Fraser and Sue Bell are among the first in the country to sign up for a new wireless broadband service from rural telecommunication specialist Farmside.

Wireless broadband offers internet with all the advantages of a fibre connection, without the wait, the hassle or the cost to set-up with fibre. Fraser Bell said their household, just outside Masterton, which includes daughter Emma, is delighted with the Farmside connection.

“Compared to the ADSL service we were using before, which had line speed that varied depending on the load and the time of day, this is more reliable, with quicker downloads and less buffering.

“It is a really great service, nice and easy, and enables us more options for streaming TV,” he said.

A property manager with Property Brokers Ltd, being easily able to access quick internet at home offers another big plus factor for Fraser.

“With it being more reliable, and faster, the connection also enhances our ability to work from home and after hours,” he said.

Fully New Zealand owned, Farmside is offering the self-install wireless broadband service to various regional centres, with Masterton and Carterton among the first towns on board, said Farmside General Manager, Stuart Cooper.

“What we are offering is a very simple do-it-yourself installation. If you can work your TV remote, you can probably set this up as well. While the modem provides fast broadband, there is also the option to easily add a phone-line, which can save our customers a lot of money each month. The modem also works for multiple devices, meaning all members of the household can use the internet at the same time,” Mr Cooper said.

“We rely on the cell-phone network, which is excellent, though not perfect. After you receive the wireless broadband modem, if you find for some reason it doesn’t work for you, there is a 30-day money back guarantee, so it’s a pretty low risk option for many people,” said Mr Cooper.

Information about Farmside Wireless Broadband is available at or 0800 32 76 74.